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mUSIC Education Basics
Workshop Series 

The Music Education Basics workshop series is an online training and dynamic forum for musicians who are emerging music teachers in low-resource contexts.


Are you seeking to expand your skillset in the foundational basics of music teaching and learning? Then this is for you! 


The workshops will give you fresh perspectives and inspiration to develop your own music lesson plans, curriculum, and teaching resources. You will receive a range of ideas and resources to expand your music teacher’s toolkit.

Each online session (1.5 hours) is designed as a stand-alone workshop, therefore you do not have to sign up for all the workshops in the series. However, based on your experience in workshop #1, you may be interested to continue with the series. It’s up to what works for you!

Who is it for?

  • Music teachers

  • Musicians

  • Primary school teachers

Music Class Resources

Discover ways to expand your personal music teacher's toolkit of music activities, games, and repertoire.

Creative Lesson Plans

Develop skills in designing effective lesson plans and receive sample lesson plan ideas.

Circle Song Collection

Learn how to use songs to teach elements of music and bring peace education into your class.



Exchange and share ideas for curriculum design that is tailored to your context and student needs or interests.

Hi, My Name is Janielle!

I’m a pianist, songwriter, music educator, and mission traveller from Australia.

My life-long mission is to bring music education to tough places and current or post-conflict contexts, in partnership with local schools or organizations. I love working with young people in cross-cultural contexts, especially Africa and the Middle East. For the past 3 years, I taught at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. I believe in equipping local musicians and teachers with a vision to pioneer music programs in their schools and communities. Through replicable and tailored teaching methods, they will use music as a creative and peace-making tool to impact their worlds and pass on their unique knowledge. 

I hold a Masters of Music Education from Monash University and a Bachelor of Music from the Melbourne Conservatorium. 


A Preview of the Workshop Series

Workshop 1

Mapping The Music Classroom

Develop a place-conscious music classroom by mapping out your unique context and vision. How will music-making and learning nurture student creativity and impact your community?

Workshop 2

Musicianship & Improvisation

Discover ways to teach and design a range of music classroom activities that cover the elements of music (pitch, melody, rhythm, dynamics, tone colour, etc.) through improvisation. Why are music listening and responding key components of music teaching and learning?

Workshop 3

Music Theory & Composition

Learn how to develop musical language skills in students across grade levels and introduce music notation and symbols in a creative way through basic composition. How could you make music theory fun and relevant to students and inspire them to create new music?

Workshop 4

The Power of Group Singing

Learn how to conduct group singing or choir in the music class and combine elements of circle time, peace dialogue, and musical skills in your lesson planning. How could singing and song-making as an ensemble improve your students' music learning? 

Workshop 5

Basic Music Curriculum Design

Discover and exchange fresh ideas for curriculum design that is tailored to your context and community. What are the first steps to begin designing a tailored music curriculum that fits your local context and student needs, interests and passions?

What Does It Cost?

Our fees are highly affordable and helps to cover trainer expertise, planning, resources, and workshop delivery.


An online workshop session costs 8USD per participant, with a maximum of 6 attendees (or less), to ensure quality interaction and learning.


A one-to-one session tailored to your unique needs and interests costs 20USD per online workshop session. Kindly state your request in the registration form if you wish to organize an individualized session that addresses specific skills or topics.

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