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Teaching ArtistrY Lab
8-Module Series 

The Teaching Artistry Training Lab is an 8-module series that brings together an annual cohort of emerging music teaching artists in low-resource contexts.


Are you seeking to take your skills as a musician and artist to the next level, and expand your influence through teaching artistry that is tailored to your local community interests? Then this is for you! 


Our first cohort 2021 will begin from September-December in Rwanda. Rather than importing a standard curriculum, the lab provides the space and resources 10 chosen Rwandan musicians to collaboratively explore why and how music intersects with community life.


Each module will give you fresh perspectives and inspiration to develop your confidence in music teaching artistry, program design, and resources. You will receive a range of ideas and resources to expand your music teaching artistry toolkit. 

A combination of bi-weekly online and in-person workshops will introduce key questions related to effective pedagogy and the philosophy of music-making, as trainees engage and experiment with these concepts through teaching opportunities over intervening weeks. This format emphasizes self-discovery, peer learning, and contextual application of content to accomplish our goal: developing teaching artists who are excellent creators, collaborators, and educators, with the capacities to guide individuals and communities in a discovery of the relevance of music-making in everyday life. 

What should you expect?

Key partnerships allow us to deliver this four-prong curriculum:

Foundations | Facilitated by a partner organization such as the East African Global Music Campus, which offers experienced trainers to run introductory music training courses in the region.

Key Concepts | Delivered by our qualified core team members (on-site), expert international guest instructors (via online webinars), and two guest residencies.

Mentorship | Monthly virtual meetings connecting trainees to our global network of teaching artists for exchange of perspectives and exploration of new possibilities in the Rwandan context.

Fieldwork | Ongoing hands-on experience in local public schools, which will increase the minimal access to music education in low-resource contexts.

Who is it for?

  • Instrumental musicians 

  • Music teachers in primary or secondary schools

  • Artists who play an instrument

A Preview of the Modules

Module 1

Teaching Artist as a Life-Long Learner

Develop a place-conscious music classroom by mapping out your unique context and vision. How will music-making and learning nurture student creativity and impact your community?

Module 2

Instrumental Music Pedagogy and Performance

Discover ways to teach and design a range of music classroom activities that cover the elements of music (pitch, melody, rhythm, dynamics, tone colour, etc.) through improvisation. Why are music listening and responding key components of music teaching and learning?

Module 3

Music Theory & Composition

Learn how to develop musical language skills in students across grade levels and introduce music notation and symbols in a creative way through basic composition. How could you make music theory fun and relevant to students and inspire them to create new music?

Module 4

The Power of Group Singing

Learn how to conduct group singing or choir in the music class and combine elements of circle time, peace dialogue, and musical skills in your lesson planning. How could singing and song-making as an ensemble improve your students' music learning? 

Module 5

Basic Music Curriculum Design

Discover and exchange fresh ideas for curriculum design that is tailored to your context and community. What are the first steps to begin designing a tailored music curriculum that fits your local context and student needs, interests and passions?

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8 

What Does It Cost?

Our fees are highly affordable and helps to cover trainer expertise, planning, resources, and workshop delivery.


Each module is covered in a three-hour group workshop session that costs 30USD per person. If you sign up for all 8-modules, you receive  20% discount on the total cost. 

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